I am a Research Scientist at Google.

Matthew Brown was a Reader (Associate Professor) at the University of Bath (2011-2015). He holds an MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences (Cambridge, 2000) and a PhD in Computer Science (UBC, 2005). Prior to joining Bath he was a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL (2009-2011), UBC (2008-2009) and Microsoft Research (2006-2007).

His research interests are in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Environmental Informatics. Recent research projects include learning low-level visual representations, recognition and reconstruction in photo collections, and building energy modelling.



I was CTO of Cloudburst Research Inc from 2009-2015. Cloudburst developed mobile versions of AutoStitch for iPhone, iPad and Android.
My work on panoramic stitching appears in several commercial products, including Autopano Pro, Calico Panorama and Serif Panorama Plus.
I have also contributed to several Microsoft products including Photosynth and MSR Image Composite Editor.