I am a Research Scientist at Google.

Matthew Brown was a Reader (Associate Professor) at the University of Bath (2011-2015). He holds an MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences (Cambridge, 2000) and a PhD in Computer Science (UBC, 2005). Prior to joining Bath he was a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL (2009-2011), UBC (2008-2009) and Microsoft Research (2006-2007).

His research interests are in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Environmental Informatics. Recent research projects include learning low-level visual representations, recognition and reconstruction in photo collections, and building energy modelling.

In 2017 he won the ICCV Helmholtz Prize (test of time award) for his work with David Lowe on panoramic image stitching.



I was CTO of Cloudburst Research Inc from 2009-2015. Cloudburst developed mobile versions of AutoStitch for iPhone, iPad and Android.
My work on panoramic stitching appears in several commercial products, including Autopano Pro, Calico Panorama and Serif Panorama Plus.
I have also contributed to several Microsoft products including Photosynth and MSR Image Composite Editor.